Documents Required for MBBS Admission in Uzbekistan


Embarking on the journey to pursue an MBBS in Uzbekistan requires meticulous preparation. One of the most crucial steps is ensuring you have all the necessary documents. This guide outlines the essential documents needed to streamline your application process.

So, here are the essential documents that every student must have, namely-

  1. Indian’s Registration in Uzbekistan

Upon arrival in Uzbekistan, all foreigners must register with local authorities. Immediate registration is mandatory. This requirement ensures that the government is aware of all foreign visitors.

Foreigners, excluding tourists, must register with the local Administration for Migration and Citizenship (AM&C). This can be done at either the district or city level. Proper registration is essential to avoid legal complications.

A tourist visa cannot be extended in Uzbekistan. Visitors planning to stay longer should consider this limitation. It is crucial to plan accordingly to avoid any inconvenience.

Visitors staying in Uzbekistan for up to three days do not need to register. This exception is beneficial for short-term tourists. However, they must ensure their stay does not exceed the three-day limit.

Tourists staying at hotels and students living in dormitories are automatically registered. This process simplifies the registration for these groups. It removes the burden of manual registration.

If Indian nationals fail to comply with Uzbekistan’s registration requirements, they will be subject to the following fee structure



Upto 1 Month

USD 20

Upto 2 Months

USD 40

Upto 3 Months

USD 60

Upto 6 Months

USD 100

Upto 1 Year

USD 200


  1. Valid Passport

Second essential document is a valid passport that must be valid for at least 6 months from your intended date of entry into Uzbekistan. It is a primary identification document for international travel and application processes.

  1. Academic Certificates

For MBBS in Uzbekistan, make sure you have copies of your high school diploma and transcripts. These documents prove your academic qualifications and are critical for getting admitted in any of the medical colleges of Uzbekistan.

  1. Birth Certificate

A birth certificate is essential to verify your age and nationality. It is a fundamental document required by educational institutions.

  1. Passport-Sized Photographs

Student must have 2 recent passport-sized photographs ( 51mm*51mm) not older than three months with white background, dark dress and frontal view. As, photographs will be required for various forms and applications during your MBBS Admission Process in Uzbekistan.

6.    Medical Certificate

A comprehensive medical certificate is mandatory. It includes a general health check-up and HIV test results. This document ensures you meet the health standards required by the university.

7.    Application Form

Fill out the university’s application form accurately. Double-check all details before submission to avoid any errors that could delay the process.

8.    Admission Letter

Once you receive an admission letter from the university, keep it safely. It confirms your acceptance into the MBBS program and is necessary for visa applications.

9.    Visa Documents

Prepare all necessary documents for your student visa application. This typically includes the admission letter, passport, photographs, and financial proof.

10.  Proof of Payment

Finally, ensure you have proof of payment for the application fee. This receipt is necessary to confirm your application submission in the medical college of Uzbekistan.

By gathering these documents, you can facilitate a smooth and successful application process for your MBBS in Uzbekistan. Pay attention to each requirement to ensure you meet all the criteria set by the universities.







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