About College

With over 90 years of educational history, Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health stands out as an exceptional medical college for pursuing a degree. Situated in Fergana city, Uzbekistan under the Fergana State University, FMIPH boasts a strong network of affiliated hospitals and provides on-campus accommodation with Indian dining facilities.

Founded in 1991, the Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health is associated with several medical institutions across Uzbekistan. It offers higher education in fields such as general medicine, medical pedagogy, preventive medicine, advanced medical care, and others.

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About Fergana City

Fergana, or Ferghana, is the capital of Fergana Region in eastern Uzbekistan. Fergana is about 420 km east of Tashkent, about 75 km west of Andijan, and less than 20 km from the Kyrgyzstan border. While the area has been populated for thousands of years, the modern city was founded in 1876. Fergana region is one of the centers of ancient culture of Uzbekistan.

Fergana Medical Institute MBBS Fees 

ParticularsMBBS Fees
1st Year Expense  
First Year Total Expense Included$ 6650
2nd Year to 6th Year Expenses 
Annual Charges from 2nd Year Onwards Annual Fee    3500
 Hostel Fee    750
 Visa Renewal    250
 Registration    250
 Yearly Total    4750

Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health: Key Highlights

AboutFergana Medical Institute of Public Health (FMIPH)
Year of Establishment1992
Type of CollegeGovernment
Country Rank07
AccreditationWHO, NMC, and Medical Council of other countries
Duration of MBBS in FMIPH 6 Years including 1 year of internship
Medium of TeachingEnglish
Travel from India3 hours 10 minutes (Delhi to Tashkent)
30m (Tashkent to Delhi)
How to Reach Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health?1.    2 Hrs 30 Min Flight from Delhi to Tashkent
2.    From Tashkent to Fergana 30 min Flight Bus (Travel Time approx. 6 Hrs.)

Why Fergana Medical Institute?

Studying MBBS in Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health in Uzbekistan seems like a compelling option for Indian students for several reasons.
•  The availability of state-of-the-art facilities such as a well-stocked library featuring Indian authors and study materials, along with laboratories equipped with 3D simulation technology, enhances the learning experience.

•  The institute’s curriculum appears to strike a balance between theoretical learning and practical application, a crucial aspect of medical education.

•  Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health (FMIPH) provides an ideal environment for studying MBBS due to its peaceful, safe, and secure surroundings. In Uzbekistan, especially in Fergana, there are minimal law and order issues, creating a safe atmosphere conducive to learning. This safety extends to all students, including girls, who can feel secure and comfortable both on and off-campus.

•  The affordability factor is significant, with a budget of approximately 14 Lakhs, which is considerably lower compared to many private medical colleges in India.

•  Uzbekistan, being near to India is also one of the reasons why many Indians students find it convenient to study here.

•  Proximity to India adds to the appeal, making it convenient for students to travel back and forth.

•  The presence of a substantial number of Indian students fosters a friendly and comfortable environment, which eases the transition for newcomers.

•  The incorporation of innovative teaching methods, such as 3D human body structures, promises to offer students valuable clinical exposure.

•  The provision of Indian mess facilities and fine dining options caters to the dietary preferences of Indian students, ensuring they feel at home even when miles away.

•  Accommodation arrangements in well-furnished hostels with modern amenities further contribute to a comfortable living environment, conducive to focused studying.

•  The MBBS program’s duration of 6 years, inclusive of a one-year internship, provides a comprehensive education.
Fergana Medical Institute in Uzbekistan offers a complete learning package for Indian students studying MBBS abroad. It’s affordable, close to home, and has a friendly atmosphere with lots of Indian students. The teaching includes both theory and practical skills, with modern facilities like 3D labs and a good library. They even have Indian food options and comfortable hostel rooms. Overall, it’s a great place for Indian students to study medicine and feel supported in their academic journey.

Fergana Medical Institute Hospital

Name of HospitalNumber of BedsNumber of Treated Patients
1.  Fergana City Hospital38019408
2.  Hospital 12259034
3.  Hospital 21405399
4.  Ferghana City Children Hospital1208547
5.  Ferghana Branch Republican Emergency Center and Hospital  35528959
6.  Ferghana City Multifunctional Hospital36511468
7.  Ferghana Region Multifunctional Hospital 35519745
8.  Urology Hospital602750
9.  Perinatal Hospital22012856
10.  Disables Rehabilitation Hospital501135
11.  Ferghana Branch Republican Oncology Hospital1006287
12.  Dermatology #1 Hospital502033
13.  Tuberculosis #1 Hospital3001322
14.  Drugs and Narcotics Treatment Hospital1102572
15.  Infection Disease Hospital14011467
16.  Eye Diseases Hospital1005703
17.  Dental Center301302
18.  Trauma and Orthopedic Hospital601436
19.  Psychology Hospital3704599


Eligibility Criteria for MBBS Admission in Fergana Medical Institute

To obtain admission to MBBS in Uzbekistan (Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health) here are the necessary conditions to be fulfilled-
•  Candidate must not be below 17 years of age
•  Candidate must have scored 50% in 12th board with subjects Physics, Chemistry and Biology
•  Reserved category candidates like OBC, SC, ST, he must have scored 40% marks with PCB.
•  Every candidate must compulsory appear and should be qualified in NEET UG Exam
•  NEET Scorecard of the candidate must not be older than 3 years


Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health MBBS Admission Process

The admission process for MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) programs involves several steps namely-

Step 1 – To begin with, the candidates need to select the university “Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health” and submit the application form online.

Step 2 – After successful completion of the application process, the candidate must pay the required fees.

Step 3 – Now, the candidate can proceed ahead with the VISA formality and make an application to the embassy of Uzbekistan.

Step 4 – After receiving VISA from the Uzbekistan embassy the students can plan their journey to Uzbekistan and start their journey with Fergana State Medical Institute of Public Health. 

Documents Required for MBBS Admission in Fergana

Here are some essential documents required from every medical aspirant interested in pursuing MBBS at Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health.
•  Original Indian Passport
•  Original Birth Certificate Copy
•  Scanned self-attested copy of marksheets & certificate
•  Health & Medical Certificate
•  Financial Records
•  10-15 Passport Size Photographs
•  Scanned copy of application form
•  Scanned copy of NEET UG Report

Documents of foreign citizens are accepted by the FMIPH admission commission in accordance with the accordance with the following documents –

•  National Passport Copy
•  Medical Certificate
•  Photo frame (3,5×4,5) – 6 pieces
•  Copy of temporary residence permit in Uzbekistan (if available)
•  NS, application to the name of the rector specified in the direction of citizenship and education
•  Copy of the certificate/diploma/ certificate confirming the general secondary or secondary special, vocational education of a foreign citizen translated into Uzbek or Russian and certified by a notary

Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health Hostel

FMIPH offer students separate hostel facility for both boys & girls. The hostels with 1500 bed capacity are equipped with all the latest amenities. 


For inquiries regarding admission to the MBBS program at Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health, you can seek assistance from Team Get My University. Team GMU personally inspected each college and ensured that all amenities provided to medical students are precise and impeccable.

Following the visit to the FMIPH, Team Get My University concluded that Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health is an excellent choice for pursuing MBBS. We found everything, from the campus atmosphere to the quality of medical education, to be exceptional. Additionally, the medium of instruction is English, eliminating the need for students to learn a new language and enabling them to study comfortably in English.

Our FAQ's

Does Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health provide scholarships?

Yes, Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health provide scholarships to medical aspirants who are do well academically and perform well in exam. Students who perform well can avail the benefits of scholarship and reduce the burden of educational expenses to some extent.

Is studying MBBS at Fergana Medical University worthwhile for Indian students?

Definitely, studying MBBS at Fergana Medical University is valid in all countries including India. Also, studying here is affordable and very convenient. Students can enjoy quality medical education and can experience excellent clinical exposure.

Can I pay MBBS Fee of Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health through educational loan?

Yes, since Fergana Medical College is MCI and WHO approved, students can apply for educational loan from any Indian bank and can pay the tuition fees to the account via cheque or DD.