FMGL Regulations 2021 for Studying MBBS in Uzbekistan

FMGL Regulations 2021 for Studying MBBS in Uzbekistan
FMGL Regulations 2021 for Studying MBBS in Uzbekistan

Introduction to FMGL Regulations 2021

The FMGL (Foreign Medical Graduates Licentiate) Regulations 2021 outline the necessary criteria and standards for students pursuing an MBBS Abroad, ensuring they meet the educational and professional requirements comparable to those in India.

For students planning to study MBBS in Uzbekistan, understanding these regulations is crucial. Here is a comprehensive overview of the FMGL Regulations 2021 along with an explanation of how Uzbekistan’s medical education system aligns with these standards, ensuring a high-quality education and a smooth path to practice medicine.

Learn about MBBS in Uzbekistan followed by the necessary FMGL Regulations and their alignment with Uzbekistan’s medical education system.

FMGL Regulations 2021

Summary of FMGL Regulations 2021





4 (a) (i)

Duration of Medical Education

Minimum of 54 Months

4 (a) (ii)

Internship in Abroad

12 months of rotating internship

4 (b)

License to Practice in Abroad

License to Practice Medicine in the foreign country is required

4 (iii)

Medium of Education


4 (iv)

Mandatory Subjects

As per Schedule 1

4 (d)

NEXT 1 Exam

To clear NEXT 1 Exam

4 (c)

Internship In India

12 Months of Supervised Internship

Schedule 1 -2(iv)

Transfer of College & Country

Not Allowed

Schedule 1 – 2(ii)a

Content of Course or Training

In accordance with the Regulations on Graduate Medical Education, 1997


How MBBS in Uzbekistan is Fulfilling FMGL Regulations?

MBBS Duration

6 Years, 72 Months

License To Practice

Yes, Uzbekistan give License to Practice to Foreign Medical Students same like Local Uzbek Medical Students

Licensing Body

Ministry of Health, Republic of Uzbekistan

Language of Exam

No License Exam


25 Lakhs & Above

Clinical Exposure


Does Uzbekistan fulfill FMGL Regulations 2021?

 Yes, Uzbekistan is adhering to FMGL Regulations 2021. These regulations are enforced on students to guarantee that those pursuing MBBS in Uzbekistan receive a high standard of education and comply with the standards set by the regulatory body.

By ensuring compliance with FMGL Regulations 2021, Uzbekistan is committed to upholding superior education standards. Therefore, here’s a brief summary of the FMGL Regulations fulfilled by Uzbekistan

FMGL Regulations 2021


Minimum Duration of Medical Education must be 54 months

The course of duration for MBBS in Uzbekistan is 6 Years. Hence, this regulation is fulfilled by Uzbekistan.

Undergo Internship of 1 Year

The MBBS program in Uzbekistan is of six years, comprising five years of theoretical education followed by a one-year internship

Medium of Instruction

MBBS in Uzbekistan is taught in English, eliminating the need to learn a new language.

Registered with the relevant professional regulatory authority and obtaining a license to practice in that country

Studying MBBS in Uzbekistan does not require sitting for a licensing exam, as students receive automatic registration upon graduation.


Is Studying MBBS in Uzbekistan worth it?

Undoubtedly, pursuing MBBS in Uzbekistan is a favorable choice, given its status as a welcoming nation. Uzbekistan shares profound cultural bond with India. Regarding infrastructure, each medical college boasts extensive facilities, including well-maintained, state-of-the-art hospitals equipped with cutting-edge technologies. Therefore, Uzbekistan stands out as a promising option for medical studies.

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