MBBS in Uzbekistan Vs MBBS in Russia: Which is better?

MBBS in Russia VS MBBS in Uzbekistan


Choosing the right destination for pursuing an MBBS degree is a crucial decision that can shape your career. Uzbekistan and Russia have emerged as popular choices for international medical students due to their quality education and affordable costs. But which is the better option? Let’s delve into a comprehensive comparison of MBBS in Uzbekistan versus Russia to help you make an informed decision.

Similarities between MBBS in Uzbekistan V/s MBBS in Russia

  1. FMGL Regulations 2021

The primary similarity between Uzbekistan and Russia lies in their adherence to the FMGL Regulations. Both countries are in compliance with the essential FMGL Regulations 2021.

This ensures that students considering either of these countries for their studies face no issues regarding regulatory requirements.

Whether opting MBBS in Uzbekistan or Russia, students can be confident that both countries fulfill the FMGL Regulations, providing a secure and conducive environment for pursuing their academic endeavors.

Here is a brief overview of FMGL Regulations along with the applicability in Uzbekistan and Russia :-


MBBS in Uzbekistan

MBBS in Russia

MBBS Duration

6 Years, 72 Months

6 Years

License To Practice

Yes, Uzbekistan give License to Practice to Foreign Medical Students same like Local Uzbek Medical Students


Licensing Body

Ministry of Health, Republic of Uzbekistan


Language of Exam

No License Exam

Russian Licensing Exam


25 Lakhs & Above

25 Lakhs & Above

Clinical Exposure



  1. Quality of Education

Both Uzbekistan and Russia offer exceptional medical education with high standards and no compromises made. When it comes to budgeting, both countries provide similar financial requirements for medical studies. Therefore, if your primary concern is the quality of education, you can confidently choose either of the two.

  1. Clinical Exposure

Both Uzbekistan and Russia offer robust clinical exposure for MBBS students, with opportunities for hands-on experience in diverse medical environments. Uzbekistan provides strong mentorship and varied case exposure, while Russia offers early clinical practice and access to advanced medical facilities. Ultimately, both countries prepare students well for their future medical careers.

Comparison between MBBS in Uzbekistan V/S MBBS in Russia

Students planning abroad get confused sometimes whether to consider Uzbekistan or Russia for pursuing medicine. So, in order to provide students a right solution, Team Get My University provides a comparison between MBBS in Uzbekistan VS MBBS in Russia.

  1. Food

When studying abroad, having access to familiar food can significantly enhance the overall experience. For Indian students, this is especially true. During a recent visit to Uzbekistan and Russia, Team Get My University discovered notable differences in the availability of Indian cuisine in these countries.

Availability of Indian Food in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan offers Indian students with easy access to Indian food. Indian cooks are present in the mess, ensuring that students can enjoy great food with authentic flavors. This availability of Indian cuisine makes it easier for students to adapt to their new environment without missing the tastes of home

Availability of Indian Food in Russia

On the other hand, the situation in Russia is different. Indian food is less accessible, which poses a significant challenge, particularly for vegetarian students. The limited choices can be a major concern for those who rely on a vegetarian diet. This scarcity of familiar food options can impact their dietary preferences and overall satisfaction during their stay.

  1. Accommodation

Accommodation in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan boasts excellent hostel facilities for students enrolled in its colleges. The hostels are conveniently located within the college campuses, making it easy for students to balance their academic and residential life. This on-campus accommodation ensures that students have immediate access to their classes, libraries, and other college resources, fostering a conducive environment for both study and leisure.

Accommodation in Russia

In contrast, the accommodation situation in Russia presents more of a challenge. Student hostels are typically situated off-campus, which necessitates daily travel between the hostel and the college. This commute can be time-consuming and somewhat inconvenient, potentially impacting students’ schedules and adding to their daily responsibilities. The distance from the college can also mean that students need to plan their time more carefully to ensure they can participate fully in campus activities and manage their academic commitments effectively.

  1. Travel

 Travel from India to Uzbekistan

Indian students planning to pursue MBBS in Uzbekistan have to travel and take a 3 hour flight to reach Uzbekistan. So, considering travel and distance, Uzbekistan is near and Indian students can easily go back in case of emergency or meeting parents in holidays.

For Indian students aiming to pursue an MBBS degree in Uzbekistan, the journey is relatively straightforward. The flight from India to Uzbekistan takes approximately three hours. This short travel time makes Uzbekistan an attractive option for students who value proximity to home. In case of emergencies or during holidays, students can easily travel back to India, providing a sense of comfort and security for both the students and their families.

 Travel from India to Russia

On the other hand, studying MBBS in Russia involves a longer journey. The average flight duration from India to Moscow, the capital of Russia, is about six hours and thirty-five minutes, which is more than double the flight time to Uzbekistan. This greater distance might be a significant factor for students who prefer to stay closer to India. The extended travel time could make it more challenging to visit home frequently, potentially affecting students who wish to maintain close ties with their families during their studies.

  1. Disease Pattern

Disease Pattern in Uzbekistan

When discussing the disease pattern in Uzbekistan, it is notable that it closely resembles that of India. This similarity implies that Indian students who choose to live and study MBBS in Uzbekistan will encounter diseases they are already familiar with. This familiarity can ease the transition and enhance the overall experience of studying abroad.

 Disease Pattern in Russia

Conversely, Russia presents a different disease profile, including illnesses not commonly seen in India or by Indian students. This discrepancy can pose challenges for students embarking on a six-year medical journey in Russia. Dealing with unfamiliar diseases adds complexity to their studies and may require additional effort to adapt to new medical conditions and treatment approaches.

  1. Licensing Exam

Licensing Exam in Uzbekistan

In Uzbekistan, there is no requirement to take a licensing exam in order to apply for an MBBS program. This allows Indian students to directly enroll in medical colleges and commence their six-year MBBS studies without additional prerequisites. This is a significant advantage, simplifying the admission process and making it more accessible for Indian students.

Licensing Exam in Russia

In contrast, Indian students aiming to pursue an MBBS in Russia must take a mandatory licensing exam conducted in Russian. This requirement necessitates that students become proficient in the Russian language, as passing the exam is essential for their medical studies and practice. The need to learn Russian is a crucial factor that students must consider when planning to study medicine in Russia.


These factors serve as guiding principles for students embarking on their medical education journey abroad. Team Get My University has meticulously curated these factors to provide aspiring students with a comprehensive understanding of both countries’ offerings, helping aspiring medical aspirants in making informed decisions about their academic pursuits.

Team Get My University extends its heartfelt wishes to all medical aspirants, wishing them the best of luck in their endeavors. We are committed to providing unwavering support and guidance to students throughout their journey towards pursuing MBBS abroad.

Our team of experienced experts stands ready to offer comprehensive assistance, ensuring a seamless and successful experience for every student. From navigating application process to addressing academic queries, feel free to consult Get My University to be your trusted companion throughout your MBBS abroad journey.

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