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Tashkent Medical Academy stands as a renowned institution, tracing its roots back to 1919. With its rich history, it has transformed into a prominent center for medical training, research, and healthcare advancement, playing a vital role in shaping the next generation of healthcare professionals in the area.

Located in the heart of Tashkent, the capital city of Uzbekistan, Tashkent Medical Academy boasts a rich history and a commitment to excellence in medical training. It is one of the biggest universities in Uzbekistan, which is also the capital of Uzbekistan. The academy offers a wide range of programs spanning undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels, catering to the diverse needs of aspiring healthcare professionals. The university has majorly extended into the biggest universities of Uzbekistan, which has 177 teachers, including 25 professors, 26 associate professors, 104 assistants, and 1099 students.

Continue reading to know about Tashkent Medical Academy including its fees, eligibility criteria, admission process, documents required and other necessary information.

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About Tashkent City

Tashkent, the capital and largest city of Uzbekistan, is a vibrant metropolis with a history spanning over 2,000 years. Situated in the northeastern part of the country near the Kazakhstan border, it has served as a key hub on the Silk Road, blending Persian, Russian, and Turkic cultural influences. Known for its diverse economy, Tashkent is a major industrial and trade center in Central Asia, boasting strong sectors in manufacturing, electronics, and food processing. The city’s architectural landscape is a mix of historical sites like the Khast Imam Complex and modern Soviet-era structures, including the ornate Tashkent Metro and the Tashkent Tower. With numerous parks, educational institutions, and cultural venues, Tashkent offers a rich tapestry of historical heritage and contemporary urban development, making it an intriguing destination for both residents and visitors.

Tashkent Medical Academy Key Highlights

AboutTashkent Medical Academy
Year of Establishment1919
Type of CollegeGovernment
RecognitionMCI, NMC & WHO
Medium of TeachingEnglish
Branches•    Fergana Branch
•    Termez Branch
•    Urgench Branch
Tashkent Medical Academy AddressFarabi street 2, Almazar district
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Why Tashkent Medical Academy?

•  Admission Flexibility: The admission process for MBBS studies in Uzbekistan offers flexibility, with a requirement of 50% marks for general category students and 40% for reserved categories, provided they have studied Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in their 12th standard board exams.
•  Quality Hostel Facilities: Tashkent Medical Academy provides excellent hostel accommodations for international students, ensuring a comfortable living environment at affordable rates.
•  Affordable Fees: Pursuing MBBS from a prestigious institution like Tashkent Medical Academy in Uzbekistan comes with the advantage of relatively low tuition fees.
•  State-of-the-Art Facilities: The faculty at Tashkent Medical Academy is highly skilled, equipped with advanced technology and providing practical, hands-on experience to students.
•  Diverse Linguistic Environment: Tashkent Medical Academy offers a multicultural atmosphere, welcoming both local and international students and fostering a rich exchange of cultures.
•  Food Convenience: With ample availability of Indian cuisine, students won’t face any difficulties with regards to food, making their stay more convenient.

Tashkent Medical Academy MBBS Fees 

The fee structure applicable for pursuing an MBBS in Tashkent Medical Academy in Uzbekistan is as follows:-


1st Year on Admission

–    Tuition Fee
–    University Development Charges
–    Hostel
–    Mess
–    Govt Registration
–    One Time Charges

$ 7450

From 2nd Year to 6th Year

Annual Charges During the Course

–    Annual Charges
–    Hostel Charges
–    Visa Renewal
–    Govt Registration


$ 3500
$ 600
$ 250
$ 250

Yearly Total$ 4600

•    Mess Charges 2nd Year Onwards: 1200 USD Per Year (Mess is not payable on monthly basis)
•    From 2nd Year VISA Extension @250 USD and Registration @250 USD Per Year. However, VISA Extension and Registration will be payable as per actual Govt. Regulation and Charges.

Eligibility Criteria for Tashkent Medical Academy

For students to become eligible for pursuing MBBS in Tashkent Medical Academy, the essential conditions are as follows-
1.  Student must clear the NEET UG Exam 2024
2.  The age of the applicant must be more than 25 years and under 17 years
3.  Student must clear the 12th standard examination from the recognized institution
4.  It is important for students to clear chemistry, biology, and physics subjects at least 50% aggregate for open and 45% aggregate for reserved caste students.

Documents Required for Tashkent Medical Academy

For admission in Tashkent Medical Academy, the necessary documents that student is required to submit are as follows, namely-
•  Copy of Passport
•  Copy of Marksheet
•  Certified copy of your birth certificate
•  Medical Certificate
•  Receipt of Funds
•  Admission statement (invitation letter)
•  Photographs (passport size)

Our FAQ's

Is Tashkent safe at night?

During Get My University's visit to the college, Team GMU verified with students already studying that Tashkent is completely safe at night. Additionally, local residents assured that it ranks among the safest destinations for tourists globally.

Is Tashkent Medical Academy MCI approved?

Tashkent Medical Academy, Uzbekistan is recognized by the MCI (Medical Council of India), NMC (National Medical Commission) as well as WHO (World Health Organisation).

Is Tashkent Medical Academy private or government?

Tashkent Medical Academy is a government medical college of Uzbekistan which functions under the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Sciences & Higher Education.