Top Medical Universities for MBBS in Uzbekistan

Top Medical Universities for MBBS in Uzbekistan


Uzbekistan, a Central Asian nation renowned for its rich cultural heritage and historical significance, is increasingly becoming a popular destination for international students seeking quality medical education.

With a growing number of prestigious medical universities, Uzbekistan offers a promising option for aspiring medical professionals to pursue their MBBS degrees. Boasting modern facilities, experienced faculty, and a curriculum emphasizing practical training, all the medical universities provide an enriching academic environment conducive to student success.

With the help of this article, explore some of the top medical universities in Uzbekistan, known for their commitment to excellence in medical education and their contribution to shaping the future of healthcare professionals.

MBBS in Uzbekistan Highlights


MBBS in Uzbekistan

Medium of Instruction


MBBS in Uzbekistan Duration

6 Years, 72 Months

MBBS in Uzbekistan Eligibility Criteria

50% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology

MBBS in Uzbekistan Fee Structure

25 Lakhs & Above

Entrance Exam for MBBS in Uzbekistan

UG NEET Exam 2024

Uzbekistan Currency

Uzbekistani Som

India to Uzbekistan Distance

3 Hour Flight

Population of Uzbekistan

3.5 Crore Population

Why Study MBBS in Uzbekistan?

  • Quality Education
  • Excellent Clinical Exposure
  • Medium of Instruction English
  • Weather Condition Similar to India
  • Fulfilling All FMGL Regulations 2021

 Top Medical Universities for MBBS in Uzbekistan

  1. Andijan State Medical Institute


Andijan State Medical Institute

Type of Institute


Year of Establishment


Duration of MBBS Programme

6 Years

Medium of Education



Approved by NMC, WHO

Nearest Airport


Andijan State Medical Institute is a popular medical college of Uzbekistan offering exceptional academics to ensure every student obtain best of knowledge and clinical exposure. The college is located in Andijan being one of the oldest cities in Central Asia, with a history dating back over two millennia. It has been an important center for trade and culture throughout its history. With its strong academic foundation, innovative research endeavors, and unwavering commitment to community service, ASMI continues to shape the future of healthcare in Uzbekistan and beyond

  1. Tashkent Medical Academy


Tashkent Medical Academy

Year of Establishment


Type of College




Medium of Teaching



·        Fergana Branch

·        Termez Branch

·        Urgench Brench

Tashkent Medical Academy Address

Farabi street 2, Almazar district

How to get admission in Tashkent Medical Academy?

Consult Team Get My University

Tashkent Medical Academy stands as a renowned institution, tracing its roots back to 1919. With its rich history, it has transformed into a prominent center for medical training, research, and healthcare advancement, playing a vital role in shaping the next generation of healthcare professionals in the area.

Located in the heart of Tashkent, the capital city of Uzbekistan, Tashkent Medical Academy boasts a rich history and a commitment to excellence in medical training. It is one of the biggest universities in Uzbekistan, which is also the capital of Uzbekistan. The academy offers a wide range of programs spanning undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels, catering to the diverse needs of aspiring healthcare professionals. The university has majorly extended into the biggest universities of Uzbekistan, which has 177 teachers, including 25 professors, 26 associate professors, 104 assistants, and 1099 students.

  1. Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health


Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health (FMIPH)

Year of Establishment


Type of College


Country Rank



WHO, NMC, and Medical Council of other countries

Duration of MBBS in FMIPH

6 Years including 1 year of internship

Medium of Teaching


Travel from India

3 hours 10 minutes (Delhi to Tashkent)

30m (Tashkent to Delhi)

How to Reach Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health?

1.     2 Hrs 30 Min Flight from Delhi to Tashkent

2.     From Tashkent to Fergana 30 min Flight Bus (Travel Time approx. 6 Hrs.)

Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health is located in Fergana, popularly known as a hub for education and research in Uzbekistan. Talking of the college, then Fergana Medical Institute offers a complete learning package for Indian students studying MBBS abroad. It’s affordable, close to home, and has a friendly atmosphere with lots of Indian students. The teaching includes both theory and practical skills, with modern facilities like 3D labs and a good library. They even have Indian food options and comfortable hostel rooms. Overall, it’s a great place for Indian students to study medicine and feel supported in their academic journey.

  1. Samarkand State Medical University


Samarkand State Medical University




7 May, 1930

Type of University



6 Years including 1 Year of Internship




Nearest Airport: Samarkand International Airport

Medium of Instruction


Samarkand State Medical University Address

18 Amir Temur St, Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Samarkand State Medical Institute Ranking


 Founded in 1930, Samarkand State Medical University is one of the leading medical colleges. It’s commitment to academic excellence, rich history, Samarkand Medical University has earned a distinguished reputation both domestically and internationally.  One of the Samarkand State Medical University’s greatest assets is its faculty, comprising experienced educators, esteemed researchers, and medical professionals dedicated to nurturing the next generation of healthcare leaders. Through their guidance and expertise, students receive a comprehensive education that prepares them for the complexities of modern healthcare practice.


This blog focuses on the leading medical universities in Uzbekistan, carefully selected by Team Get My University for their reputation in offering exceptional medical education and ample clinical exposure, essential for budding medical professionals.

If you’re pursuing an MBBS degree in Uzbekistan, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research and ensure you’re making an informed decision before committing. Take the first step towards your medical career by scheduling a consultation with the experts at Team Get My University, who can guide you in the right direction. We extend our best wishes to all aspiring doctors for a successful journey in the field of medicine. For further details and a comprehensive understanding, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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